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Taxi from Naples/Rome airport/train station

By public transportation from Naples airport/train station
From Fiumicino airport
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Bus schedules....
From Sorrento to Positano-Praiano-Amalfi
From Rome to the Amalfi Coast

Map - Meteo in Amalfi Coast


Mergellina station is the closest railway station to molo Beverello and can be reached by taxi in a few minutes. Taxis are also the ideal form of transportation for those arriving at Capodichino airport. Choosing this option offers the additional advantage of being able to see unique panoramas such as Capri, Vesuvius, Ischia and the whole of the Sorrentina-Amalfitana coastline. Boats departing from molo Beverello stop at Positano as well as at Amalfi.
From Positano you can reach us by taking a water taxi which charges Euro 30,00. Our hotel is only 50 meters from the
landing-stage. Our management will reserve water taxi services for you with pleasure if you request us to. Alternatively, we don’t recommend that you disembark at Positano, as the distance from the dock to the main road is over 500 meters. Covering this distance on foot with all your baggage would be very tiring. Instead, we advise you to disembark at Amalfi, where there is a bus stop only 20 meters from the port. Take a SITA bus going towards Sorrento from here.
Seven km after Amalfi, ask the bus driver to let you off at the stop located in our parking lot.

Transportation from Capri to Onda Verde Hotel in Praiano:
Daily ferry boats from Capri (Marina Grande) to Positano.
From Positano with pleasure we could arrange water taxi to the pier below the Onda Verde Hotel.




Amalfi - Capri 08.25 - 08.40 - 09.10 - 09.30 - 10.30
11.30 - 15.25 - 16.50 - 17.30
18,00 Euro
Capri - Amalfi 09.40 - 09.45 - 11.40 - 15.30 - 15.45
16.25 - 17.15 - 17.35 - 18.45
18,00 Euro
Positano - Capri 08.50 - 09.40 - 10.00 - 10.50
11.45 - 14.15 - 15.40 - 17.10
13,00 Euro
Capri - Positano 09.45 - 11.40 - 15.45 - 16.25 - 17.35 - 19.15 13,00 Euro

Departure time may be changed without warning due technical problem or bad weather conditions

Ferry Travel
Naples offers a wide array of boat, ferry (traghetto), hydrofoil (aliscafo), and steamer services to the islands in the Bay of Naples and to the Sorrentine peninsula across the bay. aliscafo.jpg (2896 bytes)Most leave from the Molo Beverello - the dock just off Piazza Municipio in Naples, opposite the Castel Nuovo.
More hydrofoils depart for Sorrento and Capri from the Mergellina harbor (a short walk from the Mergellina train station), west of the Villa Comunale and about 1 km/1 mi to the west of Piazza Municipio.

Complete ferry and hydrofoil listings, as well as schedules for Naples-Rome trains and flights from Capodichino Airport can be found in the "Per chi Parte" ("For Those Departing") section of the local Il Mattino newspaper; Qui Napoli, the helpful monthly English-language periodical for visitors to Naples, also lists ferry and hydrofoil schedules.
Hydrofoil service is generally twice as fast as ferries and double the price. Service is considerably more frequent during the summer months.

Capri is well connected with the mainland in all seasons, though there tend to be more sailings between April and October. Ferries, hydrofoils, Seacats, and similar vessels leave from the Molo Beverello (just southeast of Piazza Municipio) in Naples and from Sorrento's Marina Piccola, while aliscafi (hydrofoils) also sail from the small Mergellina harbor, a short distance west of the Villa Comunale in Naples (about 1 km/1 mi to the west of Piazza Municipio). From May to October, there is also regular service to Capri from the Amalfi Coast.
Note to those planning a day trip to Capri: You can't return to Naples after 8 PM, which is unfortunate if you hoped to cap off the day with an evening meal on the island.

Operators include:
Caremar (PHONE: 081/5513882). Five hydrofoil departures from Molo Beverello; 10,00 euro high season, 9,00 euro low; travel time 40 minutes. Six ferry departures per day; 7,00 euro high season, 6,00 euro low season; travel time one hour 15 minutes; supplement of about 3,00 euro for fast craft.
Linee Marittime Partenopee (PHONE: 081/8781430 or 081/8071812). One-three hydrofoil departures every hour from Sorrento, 7,00 Euro, travel time 30 minutes. Seven ferries per day from Sorrento, 5,00 euro, 50 minutes.
Navigazione Libera del Golfo (PHONE: 081/5520763). Roughly one hydrofoil departure per hour, 10,00 euro, travel time 40 minutes, one late-afternoon hydrofoil from Positano and Amalfi, approximately 12,00 euro, travel time 50 minutes.
SNAV (PHONE: 081/7612348). Hydrofoil every hour from Mergellina, 10,00 euro, travel time 40 minutes.

Here, hydrofoils and ferries run by Caremar ( (PHONE: 081/5513882), Linee Lauro (PHONE: 081/5522838), LMV/Linee Marittime Veloci (PHONE: 081/5527209), and SNAV (PHONE: 081/7612348) connect Naples with Sorrento and Capri, as well as with Ischia and Procida. Navigazione Laghi (PHONE: 167/551801 toll-free; 0322/233200) runs hydrofoils from the Molo Beverello to Amalfi and Positano. Additional companies include FS (PHONE: 0766/23273), Siremar (PHONE: 081/5800340), and Tirrenia (PHONE: 081/7201111).

Ferry schedules from/to Amalfi/Positano/Capri
Orari Aliscafi

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